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XML Modeler

     When dealing with XML programmatically, .Net provides several options. You can use the XML Reader and Writer model. You can load an XmlDocument and use the DOM and or XPath queries to get what you need. And you can create an object model that mirrors the XML structure using the XML Serializer and associated attribute classes.

     When your XML interaction is minimal, the first two options are quick and easy and don't require much work up front. However, if you have heavy interaction with XML and or large XML structures to deal with, the third option is much better in the long run. Its only drawback is the amount of work involved up front to create the object model to hold instance data. Which is compounded by changes in the XML structure that may arise. This is precisely the problem that we set out to remedy with the XML Modeler.

     With this tool, you can quickly and easily generate the necessary object model that's interchangeable with your XML so that you can quickly and easily interact with your XML in a more familiar manner. Programming against objects is much easier and less error prone than testing the existence of elements in the DOM and trying to extract data.

XSD Modeler

     The XSD Modeler produces the same kind of code that the XML Modeler does, XML serializable code that's interchangeable with your XML. However, it takes XML Schema information as it's input. XML Schema definitions define the structure that an XML file can have. Because of this, it's well suited for representing the kind of Entity Relationships that are common in Object Orient Programming langauges. Which makes it an ideal tool for producing Object Oriented code that is XML serializable.

     For specifics on how Skeleton Crew generates code, see here. To learn more, take a look at XML Modeler's features here. Download a copy of our 30 day free trial, or try the XML Modeler demo on-line and the XSD Modeler demo on-line to see what Skeleton Crew can do for you.

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