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Custom Software

     Though we specialize in Microsoft.Net technologies, we are also competent with most Java technologies as well. Whether it's desktop applications, web applications, or server software, we have the tools to build what you need.

Database Design & Development

     We have significant experience designing and developing a wide range of database implementations with Microsoft technologies as well as others such as MySQL. We can support software, give recommendations on implementations based on your needs, offer design consulting, or build what you need to spec.

Web Applications

     With a long history of web work in many different environments and platforms (ASP, ASP.Net, JSP, Servlets, Web Services), we can provide the web presence that you require. We provide support, consulting and development of a wide range of web technologies and applications.

Analysis & Design Consulting

     Whether its internet, intranet, database or software, we can design it, advise you on its requirements and feasibility, and we can build it.

     If there is something that we can do for you, please contact us.

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