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     When developing an object model's entities and relationships, there are many options. The most common are to use a UML tool, or to start writing code. However, most UML tools are cumbersome to use for this purpose, and many don't support writing to code in your language, or leave you little control over the format of the code. On the other hand, going straight to code eliminates the necessary modeling phases. It also takes more time to type out the language specific constructs and is more tedious to make changes to. When you go straight to code, you have a tendency to get into implementation details instead of concentrating on the design of the entities and their relationships.

     Once the model is designed, turning that design into code can be tedious and time consuming as well, depending on what you used to generate your design. Whether it's a UML package that doesn't support your language, a white board, a napkin or just a mental picture, saving time in getting that design to code is always an advantage.

     When you have a good idea of what your model needs to be, and just need to quickly get it written out and develop ideas, you don't need extra distractions or wasted time. That's where Pseudo.Net Modeler comes in. It allows you to quickly write out your model structure in a syntax similar to other .Net languages and UML notation. Its language is very similar to C# or Java, with the added feature of using UML-like modifiers (+ for public, - for private, etc...). Your Pseudo.Net structure can then be rendered to any of several languages currently supported, including C#, VB.Net, Java, XML, XSD and SQL. When rendering to a .Net language, you may also choose to add XML Serializer attributes.

     For specifics on how Skeleton Crew generates code, see here. For an introduction to the Pseudo.Net language, see here. To see a list of Pseudo.Net modeler features, see here. Download a copy of our 30 day free trial, or try the on-line demo to see what Pseudo.Net can do for you.

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