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     BoneSoft Software is a small studio. As such, with bugdet and time contraints we find ourselves creating tools for things that many would buy a product for. Because we find them useful, we offer them to you for free in the hopes that you can get some use out of them as well, and possibly even give us some feedback on them.

     Because most of these tools were created initial for internal use, they don't use databases or any other centralized data source. Most are project based using XML files for storage. We use Subversion for source control, which makes this an easy approach. Using the Bug Tracks tool as an example, we keep a bugs file with the project, under source control with it. When work is done on an issue, the bugs file is updated after the work is done, and the whole batch is committed to source control. Because we are small, this works very well for us. The reason I mention this, is to justify the simplicity of these tools. By keeping them simple, they don't interfere with our development routine, yet they are very effective in their purpose. We hope you can use them and would like to hear what you think as well. So don't hesitate to contact us with suggestion.

Last Updated 09/07/2008
to version 3.0.3172.36823

    Color Librarian 2005 is a simple little tool to help you organize and save colors for web and other projects. It provides several standard methods to express and choose colors, as well as a couple of means by which to produce random colors.

    It also allows you to import colors from Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), HTML and images. In addition, you can also edit the colors in a CSS file.

Download Color Librarian 2005

Last Updated 02/29/2008
to version 1.0.2981.42260

    Bug Tracks is a project based issue tracking tool. It allows you to enter and track issues in 3 categories: Bugs, Features & Tasks. Once you have an issue entered, you can add Actions to it. The action type of the last action entered on an issue determines it's state (new, in progress, ignored or closed). You can search issues by any field. The results of searches can be printed. You can also print or save release notes based on the issues that are currently closed. There is also a feature that allows you to archive closed issues to an archive file when your project gets too full to manage.

    As stated in the Project's introduction, we generally keep bug files under source control along with the code for each project. This makes it very easy to see the current state of a project and the work done on certain issues when viewing previous versions.

Download Bug Tracks
Update Patch

Last Updated 03/04/2008
to version 1.0.2985.17371

    Task-O-Meter was originally designed as a tool to quickly and easily allow you to specify a task list (very often off site). Once you have tasks entered you can post time to a task by starting and stoping the clock. With one click, it's extremely easy to keep track of time spent on tasks. Plus with the ability to specify an estimate on tasks, with very little work, you can see how close you are to completion, and you can also see how well your estimates are. This tools is not only great for sketching out proposals, but also for tracking progress and performance. Plus this tool is so simple to use, there's virtually no effort needed to get started.

    As stated in the Project's introduction, we generally keep task files under source control along with the code for each project. Which lets you quickly and easily see what progress was completed on a given version of the project.

Download Task-O-Meter
Update Patch

     All of the Free Beta Tools in this Project's section require the .Net Framework 2.0 or higher to run. They are all free, and they are all under development. As such, they have no guarantee or waranty of any kind. They are provided in the hopes that you find them useful.

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