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Skeleton Crew

     Skeleton Crew 2.0 is our flag ship product. You can check it out here, or use the menu on the right to view a specific edition. If you're interested in what else we are currently doing, check the Projects.

     Skeleton Crew 2.0 currently comes in three editions.

      Professional Edition includes all available functionality, including Pseudo.Net language support and XML modeling tools.
      Pseudo.Net Edition is streamlined for code generation with Pseudo.Net. This editions does not include the XML modeling functionality.
      XML Modeler Edition is dedicated to XML modeling and does not include Pseudo.Net language support.

     For more information on the Pseudo.Net edition, see here. For more information on XML Modeling, see here.


      RegeXPath 1.0 is a small tool for evaluating Regex and XPath queries. You can check it out here. RegeXPath is included free in all Editions of Skeleton Crew 2.0.
Professional Edition
Pseudo.Net Edition
XML Edition

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